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BODY WORLDS aims to educate the public about the human body and of course we hope that ‘The Happiness Project’ leaves visitors smiling. And judging from the responses on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Yelp and Google + that’s exactly what’s been happening. It’s something we’re proud of. Here are just a few comments we want to share with you:



***** ‘Astounding, intriguing, nicely done, confronting and fascinating!!’ from Dave van Leeuwen

***** ‘Mind-blowing, fascinating, confronting… What an amazing experience!!!’ from Zuzana Kubatova

***** ‘…should be a “Must See” for everyone!!’ from Maike Girigori Keller



‘Wow, what a confronting, engaging, wonderful exhibition. Fascinating to see what the body looks like on the inside – a miracle.’ From Bo T.


‘The exhibition left my kids awe-struck’ from SrAdvisor



‘I couldn’t get enough’ and ‘I was a bit worried at how I’d react, but that was soon forgotten, and all that was left was a huge appreciation for the amazing body that we all have’ from Jose Bakker 



‘if you’re interested in how our bodies look on the inside, this is your chance to marvel at the human body’ from Jen M.



‘…the perfect exhibition for anyone interested in the human body!’ from Pytrik de Groot

‘Viewed Gunther’s work with disbelief and respect’ from High Profile Events


And now it’s your turn! Share your honest reactions with us by leaving a comment on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Yelp, Google + or in our ‘old-fashioned’ guest book at the exit.